Redfish (Sebastes mentella)

Superior Quality

MSC and BRC certified, and a winner of the prestigious iTQi award, Louisbourg Seafoods is committed to the sustainable fishing practices that will allow the fishing industry to thrive for centuries to come. Our innovative harvesting and processing methods lead to a fresh, delicious seafood product for our consumers.

Product Packaging

Fresh: 1-2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8 oz 5-10lb cases; Frozen: Cello, 5lb x 10 pkg = 50lb masters; Shatterpack: 10lb x 4pkg = 40lb master 8-12ct, 6-8ct, 4-6ct, 2-4ct; IQF: 8-12ct, 6-8ct, 4-6ct, 2-4ct; 1-2 oz, 2-4 oz, 4-6oz 10lb & 25 lb cases

Where to Buy

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